A great Hungarian Historian on Europe’s fate: At the Crossroads – Europe 2017

A great Hungarian Historian has written on Europe’ fate, the brave new world that is born in front of our eyes, the two-faced nature of everything we face in public life.

The Leleplező Magazin does not necessarily agree with the claims of the article, but the thoughts contained are worth reading: instead of us judging the writer’s thoughts, we pass on the judgement of those thoughts to you, the Reader.


>>A few thoughts from the article:

….Once you brand your adversaries Fascists, Nazis or anti-Semites – or to be more up-to-date, racists, nationalists, populists or homophobic or again transphobic, you will not have to confront their arguments any more. For by doing so you will have dehumanised them and therefore will be entitled not to consider them as your equals, nor will you have to discuss with them, since they will not have earned your respect.

„Eliminating” those denounced as opponents according to the well-known recipes of 20th century dictatorships would only require moving one step further. The politically correct canon actually serves as a moral shield whose role it is to hide intellectual cowardice and the absence of arguments…..

…The western half of Europe is unable to think in terms of a united European continent. What they incessantly have in mind is a Western Europe imposed on the continent as a whole. … While they perceive themselves as being able to integrate millions of Muslim migrants, they are unable even to tolerate us, who – just like them – have been socialised within the Greek-Roman and Jewish-Christian tradition. They consider aliens as beautiful, but we are too similar to them to be beautiful and are unable to raise to their „progressive” standards. …

…It is the task of this pragmatic political class to prepare Europe for ceding is territory to a new blend of Muslimised population.
To do so, three conditions must be met – Europe must be de-Christianised; shattered identities must be imposed at the expense of national identities and political governance must be replaced by the rule of bureaucrats….

…We don’t want to lead other continents out from darkness into the light or to bomb them into democracy. We would like to be good at meeting our own challenges….

…The era of traditional political parties seems to be over. Christian Democratic parties have been de-Christianised, they subordinated their set of values to the expectations of the culture wars waged by left liberals and thus have become indistinguishable…

…The traditional bipolar set up with two parties regularly exchanging each other at the helm makes no more sense because those parties don’t offer differing alternatives any longer….They emit indistinguishable political messages, but more importantly, are completely at the service of the business and media elites which decide whether they should rise or fall….

…The only thing we can be sure about when it comes to people being promoted by the mainstream media is that they are unwaveringly committed to progress, multiculturalism and a new, Muslimised Europe…. 

…That breed of politicians don’t stick to anything; are value-neutral; unable to indicate a goal that could serve as a Compass. Except of course when it comes to the GDP, inflation and deficit targets….

…By 2017, it has become crystal clear that the media has turned into an autonomous policymaker…

…it is not elected politicians that try to win a political mandate, but it is an unelected representative of global financial capital itself


>>Main subtitles of the article:

What is the year 2017 about? What is at stake is whether Europe will be able to start preparing for the 21st century or we are going to continue where we left off.

The effects of the culture wars


The European Union

A Space for Pragmatists

(George) Soros

Where to Go from Here?

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